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The Truth About TikTik’s Latest Trend Shower Onions!

Shower Onions Are TikTik’s Latest Trend: It has been revealed that TikTok has launched the latest in anti-odor bathroom products, and the new finding is significantly less expensive than a scented candle, luxury diffuser, or Poo-Pourri.

It’s a bunch of onions. Onions that haven’t been peeled, chopped, or disguised. Onions are proudly onion-ing in a basket over the toilet tank, where your guests can see them.

Shower Onions Are TikTik's Latest Trend

It started with a video by @karalynndunton, which has 6.8 million views. When Dunton went to the toilet of a man she had been conversing with during the coronavirus lockdown, she realized she had discovered someone special. I think I’m in love,” she said, describing his pristine loo with decorative seashells and a shower with many soap bottles. A glass bowl of onions on the toilet sealed the deal. Then she took a mouthful of a little white onion and planned to “wife him up.”

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What Exactly are “Shower Onions”?

You are not alone in asking “Why?” Many of the 14,000 comments on the video claim to have never heard of shower/bathroom onions. But according to Yahoo News Australia, the TikTok craze dates back to the Middle Ages. For a long time, it was customary to keep an onion by the bedside or in a corner to ward off germs. According to Onions Australia’s Lechelle Earl. Earl says some individuals still do this to absorb odors like fresh paint or restroom odors.

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Although there is no scientific evidence that onions can guard against viruses or bacteria. Earl claims to use them when a family member “sniffles” and believes TikTokers are following the practice due to the pandemic. A few people may be “revisiting the past and placing chopped onions in their homes” to avoid COV.

According to Dunton, the TikTok was a joke and her boyfriend did not store onions in his bathroom, as reported by BuzzFeed. In fact, many individuals believe onions may neutralize odors, as proven by articles on Lifehacker and Bob Vila. The only way to be sure is to try it. Maybe just skip the onions. Learn More