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Spotify Error Code 73

I’ve tried everything to get my internet to connect with Spotify, but to no avail. When I first open the programme, it shows a loading screen and then transitions to a black screen with the following message:

The Spotify application was unable to load its content (error code -7). Please ensure that you are connected to the internet before attempting this again.

My internet connection is working properly, and I am able to load webpages, but the programme will not connect to me. I have put every possible solution to this issue to the test, including the following ones:

The computer will now be restarted.

Taking the Wi-Fi connection offline and then reestablishing it

Reinstalling Spotify after first removing it from your computer

Putting the programme through its paces in administrative mode

None of these have worked, and I’m still getting the same message even after trying them. I have looked everywhere, but I can’t even find an example of someone else having this error code, which is why I’ve decided to ask for assistance on this forum. Is there anyone who has any idea what the issue could be?

spotify error code

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