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Why did Spotify log me out? Here is how to check if Spotify is down

Spotify is a popular music and podcast streaming service. The service is available on most mobile devices and has a great app for most computers, so you can listen to music almost anywhere. Service disruptions can prevent you from listening to music all day.

Don’t worry if Spotify logs you out. The service is broken. If problems persist, the entire platform may be down; check reliable sources for updates. Start with Spotify’s Twitter account. This account updates users when the service is disrupted and fixed. Check back every few minutes for updates. You can also visit Spotify Support or contact Spotify Cares.

You can also check Down Detector for user complaints. This site isn’t affiliated with Spotify, so take its information lightly. It provides an issue timeline, an outage map, and the most reported issues. Other users’ comments can sometimes help isolate the problem. Spotify usually returns after a few minutes, so be patient.

spotify logged out

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