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How to Play Music or Control Playback on Your Spotify Apple Watch

Spotify has apps for practically every gadget that can connect to the internet. This category includes the Apple Watch.

Which allows you to listen to music directly on your wrist. Please find out how to download Spotify on your Apple Watch and how to use it to listen to music on the go.

Please get in touch with us while we describe the subject briefly in this article.

How to Play Spotify music on Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch can play Spotify music, but only if you have an iPhone. To start the Spotify app on your Apple Watch, all you have to do is tap its icon on your Watch.

For another thing, many times, if you play Spotify music on your iPhone, it will usually start on your Watch as well.

Spotify on your Apple Watch

There are two ways to browse your playlists or individual songs on your phone: You can swipe left or right to move to the left or right side of the screen.
Everything you play will start to play on your iPhone. You can choose a different device to stream to by pressing the device icon next to the player controls. For example, if you have headphones connected, you can select your Apple Watch as a device to stream to. However, you can’t play music through your Apple Watch’s speakers because they don’t have speakers.

Spotify on the Apple Watch

Before proceeding, double-check that Spotify has been downloaded to your iPhone and that you are currently logged in.

  • Launch the “Watch” application on your iPhone.
  • Check to see if Spotify is shown under the “Installed on Apple Watch” category in the My Watch section of the Apple Watch app.
  • Then scroll down to the “Available Apps” section and click on the “Install” icon to the right of Spotify if it is not already there.

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