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Spotify Playlist Covers for All Your Musical Needs

When you’re putting together the perfect Spotify playlist, having an eye-catching playlist cover can be just as important as the songs and the name of the playlist itself.

Spotify Playlist Covers

But not everyone has access to great photo-editing software—or the know-how to make images really pop—and so we have to resort to hours of searching to find the perfect images to encapsulate what we’re listening to. In need of some assistance in that particular area? Here are some ideas for cover songs that you can add to your Spotify playlists to meet all your musical needs.

To Make Listening Pleasant

There are times when playlists can defy categories of music, and even moods. Simply put, they are a collection of songs that you enjoy listening to and would like to have playing in your ears virtually nonstop. We think that simple playlist covers with different listening devices are the best way to get the job done and show that you love music a lot.

Spotify Playlist Covers

Guitar Tunes

It doesn’t matter if you’re compiling a rock, blues, or country-themed playlist; the odds are good that the guitar will be the primary instrument featured in the majority of the songs you choose to include. Why not use a picture of a guitar, which is well-known and easy to recognize, to represent those songs that people love?

Playful Pianos

The piano is a versatile instrument, and whether you’re listening to modern piano-backed pop ballads or classical music that transports you to previous centuries, the instrument will be just the thing to use as a playlist cover.

Spotify Playlist Covers

Musical Figures

An image of someone enjoying your playlist’s music is often the best way to capture its mood. These photos capture the feeling of jamming out with big headphones on.

Spotify Playlist Covers

Musical Notation

What better represents music than its notes? Notes are easy to recognise and look good, so they make a great addition to Spotify playlist covers.

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