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Do You Get Spotify With Xbox Game Pass For Free?

With a Spotify Xbox Game Pass, you may enjoy the popular music streaming service for free. Here’s how.

It’s not the first time, but Xbox Game Pass Ultimate buyers may now get up to four months of Spotify Premium for free. However, if you already have a Spotify account, this deal isn’t for you. Here’s the lowdown.

Xbox has unveiled a new Game Pass Ultimate reward. Spotify Premium is now free for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. It Starts May 4th for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. It’s a shame the deal is only for new This will not work if you already have one (sorry).

This perk gives clients full access to Spotify Premium. Unlimited skips and ad-free music streaming. Premium subscribers can also listen to music or podcasts offline. Other perks include in-game stuff for Apex Legends and Warframe. In a similar vein, Xbox partnered with Spotify. For six months of Spotify Premium last time.

How to Get Free Spotify Premium?

You must be a new user and have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate accessible. If you meet both conditions, you can log into your rewards tab on your Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, or mobile device.

You can access Spotify Premium for free, among other bonuses. This offer is valid for new Spotify accounts only.

Remember that Spotify will automatically renew your subscription after four months. To avoid paying for Spotify Premium, you must delete your account.

Spotify is Now Available to You For Free!

As previously said, this isn’t the first time Microsoft and Spotify have collaborated. In the past, Xbox provided six months of Spotify premium access to anyone who purchased the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Although it was far better previously, four months of unlimited music for free is still a fantastic value, especially if you’re already a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you haven’t already, now could be a good time to get to know it a little better.

How Do I Get Spotify Premium on Xbox pass?

Aside from over 300 titles, Game Pass Ultimate has a few unique features. You can get them on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S or your phone via the Game Pass app:

  • Visit the Perks gallery.
  • Choose Spotify Premium.
  • Your four months are up.
  • Become a member and enjoy.

That begins your four-month Spotify Premium trial. Remember, this deal is only available for new Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Go ahead.

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