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Things that you need to know about car key programming

Things that you want to know about car key programming!

Electric keys or programmed keys are always better and convenient to protect your car from the thieves. And luckily most of the electric keys nowadays can be programmed easily. But there are a lot of cases and situations where it does not that easy to program a key the way it sounds like.

If you ever face such a situation in your area like la louvière where you need to do a car key programming and to fix it up. And it is not always necessary to go for a professional Serrurier to help you. You also can program it by some car key programmer. For this, you need to learn and know some basic knowledge about a Serrurier. Keep reading to learn more!

Car keys programming:

A professional who is specialized in car keys programming can help you with some following issues:

  • Repair the car keys
  • Replacement of car keys fob
  • When the transponder keys are broken or damaged
  • Reprogramed the car keys fob
  • Losing the keys

How much time will it take in keys programming?

It always depends on who is doing the job. Some programmers can program keys in a minute if they have those special tools and stuff. And sometime it may take a bit longer. The vehicles themselves have to be present in that process to read some wireless information that can be working in the ignition.

Some keys are not easy to cloned or replicated. Sometimes the professional needs a diagnostic machine to access the vehicle. In this case, it does take a bit longer time.

Methods of keys programming:

There are several steps or methods of keys programming. The steps vary according to the cases and devices. And different locksmith has a different method to do it. Below are given the descriptive steps on how to do it.

Step 1:

The first thing you want to do is to sit in the driver seat of your car and access the car’s ignition. So you can program the car keys from your car systems. Some car requires two keys to access the ignition if you’re trying to do it with an extra key.

For more detailed instructions, see the car manual to find the exact way of programming the keys.

Step 2:

Insert the keys that you have already programmed in the car’s ignition. And now you have to leave it for a couple of minutes.  Keep the other keys in your hand that you want to programmed. But it is important to remember which keys are programmed and which one is not.

Then turn the key one time so that the car can get switched on. But the engine is not running!! Turn off the car again. Thus you can turn on the car, not the engine. Turn the key again in the back so that the car is off again.

Step 3:

Keep repeating the second step with the other keys that are already programmed. That is meant you have to turn on and off your car again with the programmed key. But make sure that you dot turn your car engines on. Afterward, again, you have to turn the key in back so that the electric system goes to switch off.

Step 3:

Now you have to insert the key that you need to reprogram. Work as quickly as you can because you will find only have a few seconds to do it. On average, you have 10 seconds to do it. Now you need to have the third key to switch up the electric systems of your car and turn them off again.

Once you turn it off, leave your key that you are using as a third key. And the car is programming that third key in the ignition.

Step 4:

After doing all these methods, wait a few minutes, and a security light should get turn on. Now, you have to wait until the light turns on. And the light should be on your car’s dashboard. It will blink for a few seconds. If you want to program your third blank key to program in the future, then press the button on your third key.

And finally, remove the third key to see that the car keys programmed successfully or not.


Apart from those steps mentioned above, there are so many methods to program the keys. The professional way of doing is different than these. Above mentioned steps are just the simple way of doing it. And the process is quite straight forward if you know them correctly. Car keys programming is not that easy for everyone in the first attempt.

So it is always better to call someone in your area (Ex; Serrurier la louvière) to do the job and make sure the protection from the thieves as possible.

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