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Things You Need to Know about Car Key Replacement

Things You require to Know about Car Key Replacement

Mr. George is hastily preparing to go to the office, thinking he might be late today. As soon as he finishes his breakfast, he is on the run. He searches for the car key in his drawer. But to his utter dismay, he finds nothing there. He looks for the key everywhere in his house, only to know he has lost the key.

A terrible feeling it is! Has it happened to you? If so, your immediate task is to get a replacement. Because it creates uncertainty, increasing the possibility of theft.

That’s why in the blog, I am going to write about basic things you need to know about car key replacement – the best options to consider depending on the type of car key and some super important tips.

Things You require to Know about Car Key Replacement

Replacing a Basic Key

As the name suggests, basic is just about a simple key made of steel. It has no extra layer of security except for the unique cut.

The replacement is quite easy. You can go to a nearby locksmith. He can cut you a new key without even using heavy equipment. Also, you do have the option of going to a car dealership and get it replaced without any hassles if you want the brand name on it.

However, the latter option will cost you much more than going to a nearby locksmith, as you are getting the brand name on it.

Replacing a Transponder Key

As the name suggests, a transponder key comes with a transponder embedded in the head of the key. If the immobilizer detects a wrong signal, the car won’t start. This really upset the thieves at that time.

If your key belongs to this type, you don’t have to worry much about replacing it. A car dealership can get you another key using their equipment to cut & program another key. Professional locksmiths also possess the equipment needed for the task.

But you should keep in mind that going to a locksmith will cost you much less than a car dealership.

Replacing a Switchable Key

The key is designed in a way that if you press a button on the key, a shank will come out. The shank stays inside the fob in a folded manner. When you are not using the key, the shank will stay inside the fob. The moment you need to unlock the car, you press the switch and get the shank out. Usually, the shank looks like a basic cut key.

If your key is damaged, then you are likely to find components of the key in the market. But if you have lost it, you have to either go the dealership or a locksmith.

Replacing a Laser Key

Somewhat similar to the basic key, laser key is usually thicker than a basic key. And the carved groves are fewer than that of a basic key. The shank has a distinctive cut, which is easily noticeable when compared to a basic key. They also have a transponder embedded.

Laser key replacement is a bit costlier than the basic key as it has a transponder embedded. You can either go to the car dealer or a locksmith. 5 Signs You Need a Car Key Replacement

Replacing a Smart Key

This is the technology of the 21st century. So, of course, it is based on information technology. A smart key is not a key in the traditional sense since it doesn’t have any key. It’s just a fob. It has the security feature that rolls the security codes randomly, not leaving any possibilities for thieves to hack into it. The vehicle’s computer will communicate with the key when the ignition button is pressed. If it recognized the code, only then the car will start.

If you have lost a smart key, then you are left with the only option, that is, going to a car dealership. No locksmith can do anything about this, as you can guess. And of course, the cost is pretty much higher than the cost of replacing any of the keys afore-mentioned. Can a locksmith program a car key fob?

Tips to Consider

When you lose a key, then you should immediately check the insurance document to see if there’s any clause concerning the key. If it does, then you can complain. When buying a new car, one should put a clause regarding the car key replacement.

You can ask the dealership for a spare key as well. Some car dealerships give a spare key as a part of their customer service.

One thing you should remember that a locksmith will be cheaper than a car dealership. So, if you want to save money, going to a locksmith is a better option—for example, Serrurier Bruxelles.

You can use a key locator device also. It can be connected to your smartphone. When you are not finding the key, your smartphone will easily locate the key.

Final Words

You may need to get your car key replaced because either you have lost it or it’s been severely damaged to the point that it’s no longer usable.

Now that you have read this article, you know what to do to get a replacement when you lose/damage your car key. But you should be very careful so that it doesn’t get lost in the first place. Modern keys are quite costly to replace.