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Top 2 Weave hair extensions stores near me in Silver Spring

Top 2 Weave hair extensions stores near me in Silver Spring

The two weave hair stores in Silver Spring, MD, that you need to check out 

While scrolling through Instagram, you may notice hair extension ads from companies promising easy and effortless applications and results that Rapunzel would envy. So, where do you start when looking for weave hair in Silver Spring?

With so many options, it can become daunting, especially when you don’t know whether you are shopping from a reputable store or not. Well, that’s where this blog comes in.

This blog has two weave hair extension brands and their Silver Spring store. However, before you shop for weave hair, familiarize yourself with a few phrases that will assist you on your hair journey.

Human Hair Extensions: These types of extensions are made of real human hair collected from donors.

Synthetic Extensions: As the name suggests, synthetic extensions do not contain human hair and are made by mixing synthetic fibers. Synthetic extensions are lighter and inexpensive compared to human hair.

Sew-In Weave Extensions: Sew-in is a technique of installing weave hair extensions that work as a protective hairstyle and provides a semi-permanent look.

Tape-In Extensions: Tape-in is a method of attaching hair extensions to a wearer’s hair. Tape is used to hold your hair in place between the wefts.

Clip-In Extensions: Clip-in extensions are pre-clipped hair strands that get attached to the roots of one’s natural hair to achieve a fuller look and length. Clip-ins are made with both synthetic and human hair.

Now that you have the basic terms down, here are the two weave hair extensions store in Silver Spring.

Indique Virgin Hair 

Indique Virgin Hair

Indique Virgin Hair store in Silver Spring 

Indique Virgin Hair is well-known in the realm of black celebrity hair for keeping your favourite singers, actresses, rappers, and socialites camera-ready.

Indique Virgin Hair is a staple for influencers and celebrities, including Oprah, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Taraji P. Henson. This hair brand boasts multiple locations across The United States and even international locations.

It’s easy to see why everyone adores Indique’s wigs, bundles, and weave hair extensions. Their Indian virgin hair is free of chemical process, aren’t treated with perms, bleaches, dyes, or harsh washes. Indique Virgin Hair’s hair comes from a single donor with cuticles intact, and none are mixed with heat-resistance synthetic fibres or animal hair.

Indique Virgin Hair carries various hair textures, including curly, wavy, kinky curly, and straight. This brand also features seven beautiful collections that vary in price.

Different Collections ByIndique Virgin Hair 

Here are a few of Indique’s top collections. These collections are a favourite among their customers.

Pure Collection ByIndique 

Pure Collection ByIndique

Pure Curly from Indique

In Pure Collection, you will find a variety of hair, including human hair lace front wigs, Indian hair bundles, and braiding hair extensions in mesmerizing textures and lengths to meet your needs.

The Pure flagship collection of Indian hair is 100% natural and untouched. Whether you are looking for a super sleek look with the right amount of body or you want to flaunt a crown of natural ringlets that is versatile, Indique boutique in Silver Spring has it all.

Bounce Collection ByIndique 

Bounce Collection ByIndique

One of the many looks you can achieve with Indique’s Bounce Collection of virgin Indian hair 

Indique’s Bounce Collection boasts a wide range of hair that steam-textured Indian virgin hair. This collection provides several textures for every lifestyle.

Coily, Deep Wavy, Kinky Curly, Straight, Blow-Out, Beach Wavy, and Curly hair weave are a few textures that you can find under Bounce Collection at Silver Spring boutique.

SEA Collection ByIndique 

SEA Collection ByIndique

SEA Tahitian Wave with beautiful waves 

South-East Asia (SEA) Collection is another top collection with vibrant and lustrous virgin hair. There are 13 products under the SEA Collection, including hair bundles, hair closures, and hair wigs in various lengths.

Hysteria Collection ByIndique 

Hysteria Collection ByIndique

Live life in colour with Hysteria Collection by Indique 

Indique Virgin Hair’s Hysteria is a collection of coloured hair extensions that are tangle-free and lustrous. This collection has six weave hair colors, and the hair is available in three beautiful lengths.

You will be able to get beautifully coloured hairstyles using this collection without hurting your natural hair or hair extensions.

Studio Collection ByIndique 

Studio Collection ByIndique

A beautiful collection of clip-in hair extensions 

Indique’s Studio Collection offers a variety of Indian virgin clip-in hair extensions for ladies looking for an instant fix with no commitment.

This specific collection offers a wide range of clip-in hair extensions that resembles all four hair types; type 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Achieve different looks with Studio Collection, whether you want a voluminous blow-out hairstyle or achieve a relaxed texture without putting your natural hair through heat or harmful chemicals.

This collection boasts nine fantastic virgin hair products, of which seven of them are 10 clip-set with five different widths, and two of the products are made by interlinking nine wefts, which help achieve a fuller look with a snap.

The majority of the products in the collection are available in natural hair colours. This collection helps women achieve length, volume, and texture instantly.

Chic Javore Hair 

Chic Javore Hair

Chic Javore Hair Extensions 

Chic Javore Hair in Silver Spring deals with unprocessed that is 100% natural pure Indian hair. This virgin hair store has a collection of bundles, wigs, frontals, and closures.

Bundle Deals By Chic Javore Hair 

Wavy Indian hair bundles by Chic Javore Hair

Wavy Indian hair bundles by Chic Javore Hair 

Chic Javore Hair store in Silver Spring, MD, offers three virgin hair textures, curly, straight, and wavy, under this collection.

The Virgin Natural Curly bundle has beautiful cascading bouncy curls that can be heat styled to achieve a bone-straight texture. The great thing about the curly bundle is that even after you straighten the hair, it returns to its original curly texture after washing it.

Made with Indian virgin hair, the bundles are light, blend with most hair textures, and moves effortlessly.

Closure And Frontals By Chic Javore Hair 

Closure frontal with Swiss lace

Closure frontal with Swiss lace 

Javore offers lace closures in two textures, i.e., wavy and curly, and you have the option to choose from different sizes and inches.

Their closures are a great way to close weave hair and achieve an undetectable look. The lace cap resembles a natural scalp and allows it to breathe.

Similar to the closures, Chic Javore’s frontals are also available in two textures. Their frontal closures are made with 100% virgin hair, and the hair is attached to a delicate lace cap that imitates a scalp. You can achieve a ton of parting options with their frontal closures, and you can also choose the length of the products.

These are the top two weave hair extensions store near Silver Spring, MD, that will help you achieve stunning hairstyles with weave hair extensions.

Among the many hair store, these two are the brands that sell premium quality Indian virgin hair.

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