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Top 5 Ecommerce SEO Tips to Boost Organic Performance.

Top 5 Ecommerce SEO Tips to Boost Organic Performance.- affordable seo package and services tips

The current global pandemic has started a change in the pattern and trend of online buyers. We know that the fate of the Ecommerce website greatly depends on the traffic it receives and can convert them into sales. While SEO tactics and tactics to increase organic traffic might sound easy to implement, it is a rather complex task for SEO experts and agencies. There are hundreds of things that are interconnected, which needs to be monitored and managed to provide expected results. Marketers need to have a perfect game plan if they want to rank on Google. This is where you can benefit from affordable SEO packages to Ecommerce websites businesses.

For Ecommerce sites getting optimization is a bit complicated due to their distinct practices. Every eCommerce site is different in some way and has something unique which separates it from others. Hence, apart from basic tactics of SEO such as creating and publishing high-quality content, developing and maintaining great social media campaigns, tracking SEO KPIs, etc. Ecommerce sites have to use some distinct and unique methods to maximize organic search traffic, sales, potential leads, and overall growth of the eCommerce business.

Let us look at 5 top eCommerce SEO tips to boost traffic organically to and increase revenue in these uncertain times where many other industries are completely locked down.

  1. Regularly Update Business Listing – Businesses that fall under essential services like pharmacies, gas stations, and supermarkets, etc. have to manage their business hours carefully with frequent updates in the guidelines. Users should be aware of the availability at any given time. THE best SEO strategy is to optimize your business listing such that it ranks in the local search, which is based on time and location. There are many ways to optimize business listing like:
  • Updating Contact Details as and when needed.
  • Localized Content that takes care of local search queries.
  • Positive Reviews and Ratings, Positive feedbacks can go a long way in helping your ranking; it helps in building authority and trust and is a very important search engine ranking factor.
  • Gain Citations are an essential form of link building where search engines look for similar key phrases to link websites—something to take care of while creating Content.
  1. Add and update Structured Data. – The importance of schema and structured data is well known in search optimization. If you are not focusing on website and page structure, you should start looking at it right away. With the recent cancellation of events, it is imperative to update any change on your website right away so that it gives accurate SERPs. Google recently shared new event schemas (Check here) which are super helpful, and by using them, you can quickly fix the SERPs.


  1. Technical Audit – Technical SEO audits are a must in SEO strategy. For eCommerce sites, it becomes even more critical. Below are a few things that might need your quick attention and help in getting back the lost traffic.
  • XML sitemaps can be super helpful if you have a lot of pages on your websites and they should automatically update when a page or category is added. If they do not, it might affect search engine crawling and impact ranking.
  • Long and Bad URLs. As a thumb rule, URL should be short and crisp and self-explanatory. Unnecessary folders should be avoided. Users should know what to expect from a page just by reading URLs.
  • Review of Page load time. Use of heavy images, unnecessary java scripts can cause poor page load time and ruin User Experience (UX) which is a great ranking factor)
  • Redirects on the archived or deleted pages. Most eCommerce sites delete pages if the product or services are not available and if the redirects are not set up appropriately, It can cause an issue.


  1. Content Review – Content makes or breaks a website and decides the rankings. Make sure you always focus on User Intent while creating and optimizing Content for the eCommerce site. Remember there are many different types of users visiting the website, some might be ready to buy a product and may not need a lot of information, while others may be just exploring and may have a lot of questions which your Content i.e. description should answer. Your product and services should be listed with all possible details, unique features, advantages over completion. Including reviews and ratings also helps users to go for a trusted product.
  2. Google Shopping – Not so long ago, Google has started allowing thewebsites to sell products in the search results for free. (Read here). Since this works on organic traffic and gives options to users to buy directly from SERP, It can be super helpful in the E-commerce field. Make sure you are utilizing this feature as part of SEO. Top 5 Ecommerce SEO Tips.

SEO is the best channel for eCommerce sites. Make sure to optimize your website, Content, review, audit, and enhance it using various techniques and tools available to stay ahead in the game.

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