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Top 7 Grounds to Choose Flutter for Your Cross-platform App Development Project

In the world of living beings, a form of digital beings known as mobile applications is increasingly popular. They are found in every phone in different shapes, serving different grounds. This reality makes it vital for app development companies to offer advanced features with top-notch performance.

Previously, development companies were focusing on native app development to achieve optimal performance. However, the trend is now not similar to the past. The battle on the development field nowadays is ferocious. Carrying and maintaining different code bases for Android and iOS is not optimal for the present situation. An intelligent approach is needed to adopt to hold their market position.

A smart framework Flutter from internet brain Google is here to help you out. Flutter is an open-source development framework for cross-platform app development. Although it is a cross-development framework, its power and performance are parallel to the native applications, making it a top selection among developers.

In fact, according to Google Trends, which measures search query volume, Flutter scores over 86% compared to 58% of React Native.

Curious to know how Flutter is unique and competent from its competitors? Please scroll down to find out its top seven robust characteristics.

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For accessing device native components like GPS hardware, camera lens, or microphone, Flutter has an interaction channel called Platform Channels to connect with native languages. It makes hardware access easy for developers. Besides, Flutter now has the library for Augmented Reality (AR) development which was not there previously.

By utilizing Flutter libraries, all primary development tasks become easy accomplishable.

  • Fast Development with Hot Reload

The Hot reload is the popular Flutter feature developers use to fasten their programming process. With that feature, a developer can quickly point out the errors without using the iOS and Android simulators or emulators. They frame the user interface (UI), which reflects every modification in the application immediately. Such capability in a framework significantly reduces the app programming timespan. As all widgets present here are unchangeable, reload occurs only for the screen open in front of the developer.

  • An Open-Source Platform

Google has made this framework an open-source project that allows problems posting, documentation access easy for the developers. Being open-source, the developers’ community continuously amend and devote themselves to the platform. It dramatically helps the framework’s users gain learning opportunities and play with new feature sets, which drives the process’s high productivity and efficiency.

  • Code Stability

Code written in Flutter gets compiled into the ARM code. Any new updates or modification in the OS does not disturb application functionality as Flutter has its dedicated engine for rendering. Interface-wise, Android or iOS apps feel the same even after the system update.

However, stability is dependent on version compatibility. The application programmable interface (API) in Flutter remains the same, subjecting to code reusability in new applications even after years.

  • Full Performance-Enabled Apps

Smartphones companies are introducing today are performance beast. As the gaming trend on a mobile phone is rising, consumer demand becomes necessary to meet. Companies who develop applications also have to program their product to utilize the modern hardware effectively to gain performance.

Waiting long for the app to load is not in anyone’s interest. If the application is too slow to cater to the user, the user will probably switch to the better option without rethinking.

Flutter allows you to build an application consisting of appealing UI, rich performance, and system optimized to give the user the non-lagged experience. All because of the innovation bundled in Flutter by Google. The rendering engine comprises renders at 60 frames per second (FPS) and aims for 120 FPS in the future.

Flutter uses Dart as the scripting language developed by Google to code the application, giving framework ahead in performance. Along with that, there is a component called the ‘silver layout model,’ which allows fast scrolling. Other several features and widgets make the app development experience on Flutter much quicker and reliable.

  • Develop Resourceful Application

A collection of widgets built-in in Flutter lets you develop the top-notch application in a slight time. The developer can tailor the widgets further to customize the user interface and layout. However, most of the time, the pre-provided formats are enough for most of the application categories. Developer can use them as it is without tweaking them much. One can trust this platform for building applications in niches like healthcare, education, fitness, social networking, and various other domains. It would not let you down.

  • Program Once for Multiple Platforms

Native applications are responsible for rich performance and quality. However, as we all know, there are two main contestants, iOS and Android, in the smartphone league. Both possess different UI styles, operating systems and are dominating the cell phone market. For targeting both platforms, a developer has to code the same application in two other languages, which does not sound interesting at all. It is pretty tedious to perform as the developer first needs to develop their expertise on two programming platforms and languages. Maintaining the two code bases separately is another trouble. By the time the application development completes, the market trend could get replaced by the other hype.

With Flutter, you have only one scripting language, one code, and one platform to target multiple devices at once. This cross-platform development framework comes with no compromises and tradeoffs. You can achieve the performance matched with the native apps with this framework without writing the code multiple times. Companies that provide android app development west palm beach and other cities can transform their business with this hybrid development technology.

Can Anyone Use Flutter?

Flutter is the preferable option for today’s development needs. The dimensions are easy to learn as it’s a Google-provided framework, basing on a simple, intuitive interface. The performance of applications built with this framework is very much comparable to the native ones. You can pick Flutter in your arsenal for the next project without any hesitation. The platform may have the downside, but the tremendous community support, continuous patches from Google, and high performance make it a worthy platform for any developer. Sooner or later, the development future seems to be revolving around the Flutter framework.

Last Words

So, if you are considering starting your app development business or looking to shift to a hybrid development model, in that case, it is the best moment to embrace Flutter as your development companion or hire the developer who is working on this technology.

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