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Top 9 APKs to Stream And Download Movies

Movie APK for Android can be downloaded to stream online movies to your smartphone and you can enjoy TV Shows and Web Series on your phone

Your Android phone can be used to download and watch movies. You can download and stream movies from your Android phone using a variety of apps. Most streaming apps don’t store movies on their servers. Instead, they search directories to stream TV shows and movies online.

Today, I’ve listed the top free movie streaming and APK file download sites that you can install on Android. This will allow you to access the content directly from your phone.

APKs to Download and Stream Movies

These are the top movie apps for downloading movies, web series, and tv shows on your Android.

Cinema HD

The best streaming app at the moment is Cinema HD. It combines the features of ShowBox TV and Terrarium TV. It offers many free features. There are much streaming and downloading options available if you are looking for a movie.

Search for the movie to see a list with streams. The video can be viewed by clicking the link. You only need an internet connection.

Cinema HD Features

  • There are no irritating ads.
  • HD quality support and allows viewing of all resolutions.
  • For a better experience, subtitles are available.
  • You can download the movies to watch later.
  • The interface is easy to use and user-friendly.
  • You can also download movies to watch later.

Bee TV

BeeTV is a streaming service that’s free and unblocked. You can search for the movies and series that you are interested in. You will see a lot of links that are MB-sized. Any link can be clicked to view or download the content. Bee TV is similar to Netflix but has no annoying ads. This free Android application lets you enjoy new movies without any cost.

It is easy to download the video using ADM Downloader Manager or stream it on Android phones using Titan player.


YouTube is the most visited video streaming site with over a billion users per month. YouTube offers a vast library of TV and independent movies. This content can be downloaded to your mobile device, or you can download it offline if you wish.

YouTube offers a variety of movies from all over the world, including those from India, Turkey, Spain, and Turkey. YouTube offers a Movies section that allows you to view some great movies for free. YouTube has a large number of independent films and programs. YouTube offers a lot of amazing features, such as quality settings, subtitles, and suggestions.

Tea TV

TeaTV is an Android application that allows you to stream, download, and watch movies and TV shows free of charge. The app was designed with the user in mind and features an intuitive interface that is sure to appeal to all users. TeaTV supports 1080p, and you can access TV and movies on your Fire device.

TeaTV is a great alternative to Terrarium TV and ShowBox. The content can be downloaded. On TeaTV, you can find information about upcoming movies, trailers, and reviews. For quick access, you can also manage your playback history using a pause/resume function.

TeaTV Features

  • Follow Movies
  • Get movies absolutely free
  • The Latest Movies and TV Shows
  • Design is simple and uncluttered
  • HD streaming supported


If you didn’t know about Netflix, you’d be living in the Stone Age. Netflix is the best place for you to watch shows, movies, and another highly-rated programming. Netflix hosts the majority of popular TV shows, as well as classics, animations and anime, movies, documentaries, originals, and originals.

Netflix has an option to download Netflix offline from the app

Netflix is the epitome of online entertainment, due to its accessibility and quality content. Netflix is the best option for those who are serious about finding quality TV shows, movies, and dramas.


MovieBox is the most downloaded free online movie streaming app due to its easy navigation and smooth interface. This app is one of the most popular online streaming apps, offering many free features. It offers audiovisual content free of charge, making it a great alternative to Netflix and other subscription-based streaming services.

The app is not available in the Google Play Store, as you would expect given Google’s terms and policies. However, the MovieBox Pro app is often found in Play Store. It’s best to search for it. You can also download the apk file to your Android smartphone if you wish.

Oreo TV

Orea TV is an Android live TV and movie streaming application. Oreo TV is a streaming app that offers a clean, uncluttered experience. The app has a polished interface with easy navigation and access options to quickly find the content, without the need for logging in or requiring a subscription.

While you can watch a variety of Indian movies and TV channels, there are also many international movies and channels. When available, the app streams HD movies. This premium streaming app is a must-have for any Android device.


VideoBuddy, an Android app, allows streaming and downloading of online movies, series, and music. It also offers TV shows from India and Hollywood. VideoBuddy offers to stream and download films, series, and TV shows. It also allows you to download videos and music from many multimedia sites, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

VideoBuddy, an entertainment app for Indians, offers movies, TV shows, and other content that you can stream or download in one click.


These apps allow you to not only view movies but also download them directly onto your Android device. I hope you found this post helpful. If you need help, please comment below.