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Top iOS App Development Tools You Should Know About

Whether you are just stepping into the business world or already have a well-established name in the market, it is crucial to have yourself on a platform that is easily accessible by your users. Since the number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly, it is best to have a mobile application representing your business and the services provided by your company. For that, you get two choices, either to go for an android application or get iOS app development services. However, in this article, we will just talk about iOS app development and the top tools you can use to develop an ultimate iOS application.

iOS Development Language Resources

There are mainly four sections into which we have divided the list of iOS app development tools, and the first among them is the language resources. There are two programming languages that you can use in iOS app development:

  • Swift
  • Objective-C

The best web resources through which you can learn about these programming languages are:


Stanford offers a free course that will let you know how to develop an application using Swift. You can avail of this course via iTunes U for iPhones and iPads. You can learn about multi-threading, memory management, power management, and object-oriented design with this guide.

Hacking with Swift

Around 40 free Swift tutorials in this course will take you through various iOS real-world projects to test your new skills directly with hands-on experience.


It is a collection of Swift language resources that helps you with using the latest versions of Swift. It also consists of a Swift development environment to try your hands-on coding as well. The best part about Swiftlang is the community forums that can help beginners get through with their queries and doubts.


With Udacity’s quick and easily understandable blog posts, you can learn all about iOS programming languages. Although these posts are published a long time back, their content can still help the developers today.


As the name suggests, Design+Code helps you design an application’s structure and write code for programming.

Editors and IDEs for iOS App Development

The second section consists of IDE and Editors. But what is an IDE? It is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) that facilitates application development, where a developer builds a software application. 

Below are some of the popular IDEs and editors:


Offered by Apple, XCode is the official IDE for Swift. Presently, it is one of the most powerful coding platforms available in the market. With it, you can create application software for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Smartwatch, and Apple TV.


Code Runner claims that a user can code in any programming language. You can buy this extremely lightweight programming editor for just $14.99 with an available demo version. It also consists of a large number of code templates.


Powered by JetBrains, AppCode is compatible with both Swift and Objective-C. You can also try its features with a 30-day free trial.

Libraries for iOS Development

The third in the list is Libraries that help a developer find objects and classes needed to form the application’s structure. Here are the popular libraries available for iOS app development:

The Foundation Network

It is an official library from Apple. It is a highly recommended library for developers working in Objective-C. In the Foundation framework, you can access various data types, collections and operating system services that can help you define the base layer of your application.

Swift Standard Library

Another resource from the stores of Apple, Swift Standard Library, is similar to Foundation Framework, except that it is helpful for the developers working on Swift, not Objective-C. It is the recommended library for the Swift developers by the Apple community.


For HTTP networking using Swift, you can use an extensive library provided by Alamofire. You can do Parameter Encoding, Authentication, Statistical metrics, HTTP methods, and much more with this library.

Trending Cocoa Pods

Trending Cocoa Pods is the most common and widely used library in Cocoa that updates regularly.


It helps in simplifying the asynchronous programming process during the development of an application. Moreover, it also assists you in writing codes that are clear and easy to understand. Also, this library is open-source and updates regularly.

Plug-ins for iOS App Development

Plug-ins can help you in enhancing the customization of your coding environment. Below is the list of some top plug-ins that you can use while developing your app.


CocoaPods is a free plug-in that acts as a dependence manager for iOS and OS X. With this plug-in, you can easily use CocoaPods along with XCode.

Injection for XCode

It is one of the most popular plug-ins through which you can change the implementation of Objective-C classes. The best thing is, you don’t need to restart the app to apply and observe these alterations.


It is a code snippet manager to access more than 200 API documentation sets and around 100 cheat sheets. It is a free plug-in through which you can generate your own docsets.

SCXcode Minimap

As the name suggests, it is a plug-in that draws maps for your code. These minimaps help you identify where you are within the code. You can configure everything within the minimap once you install this plug-in for your app.


With Peckham, you can write all the import statements via pop-ups. However, this plug-in has a few bugs for which developers are constantly working on the fixation process.


It adds visual information to well-organized code revisions in Xcode git. Generally speaking, it can highlight any deltas for the designated git repo. With GitDiff, you can quickly identify and alter lines of code. Based on the parameters, it can also offer you some suggestions for efficient coding.


Why put in extra effort and money when there are free and reliable resources to build a smooth and well-performing iOS app? This article has listed all the essential tools and resources to help you in an effective iOS app development process. Although all these resources mentioned above are simple to use, if you know them, however, you can always go for some iOS application development services if you find difficulty accessing them. These services not only design a streamlined iOS app for you but will also provide you with the best suggestions to have a cost-effective and revenue-generating application.

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