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Top PHP Frameworks for Ecommerce: Review for 2021

The online purchasing and selling sector is expected to cross the $400 billion thresholds in the coming years, and all you need to do is create a great website. In the eCommerce business, everything is about finding the right target audience, responding to them in the shortest time possible, and connecting an organized database to your customers to allow access to a variety of products. 

With everything shifting to the digital platform, eCommerce is the most enormous business opportunity in 2021. However, building a website for eCommerce purposes is a challenging task. With the experienced users and shoppers, the expectations run high. Therefore, you might want to start by simply adding an online store to your website. Or you can even build your eCommerce site from scratch using one of the most popular frameworks: Php Frameworks. 

Enterprises hire Php developers to implex complex website solutions into simpler ones. Here are a few crucial Php framework pointers that you might want to know about. 

What is Php eCommerce Framework? 

Php transforms developing complicated websites into easier and faster ones since it is a prevalent open-source server-side scripting language. PHP frameworks made it to the headlines by their reliable codes, high level of OS compatibility, and variety of plugins and templates to choose from.

Php eCommerce platforms have completely transformed the online shopping industry. However, the important question is: What can Php frameworks do to your eCommerce platform? 

Here are few reasons why you can prefer a PHP framework for eCommerce

  1. Lower cost of development and maintenance since PHP is open source. 
  2. Adding scalable and customizable solutions to the website comes in handy with PHP. 
  3. PHP frameworks guarantee strong security along with out-of-the-box safety features. 
  4. One can easily integrate a variety of plugins, com[ponents and templates into the website. 
  5. PHP frameworks offer compatibility with multiple operating systems resulting in an increased customer base. 
  6. The biggest community of developers backs up PHP frameworks so the help is accessible to you globally. 

Best PHP Frameworks for eCommerce in 2021 

Let us take a quick glance at some of the most powerful Php frameworks that have started dominating the web market. 


Listed among the oldest PHP frameworks, Symfony’s history goes back to 2005. With time, the framework has proven its reliability to the web development community for being the most stable framework. 

Some of the significant benefits of Symfony include high performance and flexibility. You can effortlessly integrate it with your other projects and install them on various platforms. Symfony’s compatibility with different operating systems is also exceptional where it also allows interoperability. 

The only downside to this framework can be understanding its mechanism. 


Laravel shares most of its features with Symfony. When building their sites on PHP, organizations generally hire professional Laravel developers due to their popularity in the community since 2011. Laravel is known to make tasks such as authentication, routing, security, and caching simpler and developer-friendly. 

Laravel also offers customization features like MVC architecture support and data migration, helping you create complex applications. Moreover, the framework follows a high level of safety protocols which is a lifeforce of many eCommerce websites.


Yii framework was launched in 2008. It explicitly uses a lazy loading technique that allows high-speed loading time. As for the advanced developers, one can easily integrate Yii with other frameworks ( for instance, Zend). Besides outstanding performance, Yii requires a little memory space to execute well. 

The security features of Yii include cookie tampering. Due to safety, many platforms are built using this framework. Unfortunately, Yii cannot help in developing complex apps, which is its only drawback. 

Choosing a suitable eCommerce platform for Your Business 

Here is an overview of the most popular platforms to turn your eCommerce business into a success. 

  • Magento 

It is an open-source Php-based structure that relies on Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. Magento is preferably appropriate for E-trade improvement. To make the platform quick and highly responsive, a variant Magento 2 is released with improved components. 

  • Prestashop 

Prestashop is listed among the market’s top online shopping carts. Its programming helps business owners set up an adaptable store within no time and without any additional expense.  

  • WooCommerce 

It is a WordPress-based plugin specifically for E-business. It contains ordinary stages for building online stores and is pretty simple in terms of UX and UI. 


To add it all up, PHP is ahead in the line when it comes to creating complicated websites and applications. The case is similar for PHP frameworks and tools that can help you come up with fantastic eCommerce business websites. If you are looking for more technical insights on PHP frameworks, you can hire PHP developers to help you with the development process.