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Top US stocks that should be on Indian investor’s watchlist

Have you ever thought about investing in the world’s biggest companies like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, and others? We all use some of their services daily, and investing in some of these giants would only make sense. These companies are not listed on the Indian stock exchange, but you can buy the shares of these companies through domestic brokers or foreign brokers. You will have to convert Indian Rupee to US Dollar to buy/sell shares in both cases. You will have to transfer money from India to USA based broker to start the investing process.

Under the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS), a person can remit up to $250,000 per financial year (April-March), which can be used to invest abroad.

Top US stocks to watch out for

We have accumulated a list of some of the best stocks listed on the US stock exchange that Indian investors can have a look at:


Tesla is the electric vehicles market leader. It is one of the best-performing technology stocks in the United States. They use cutting-edge technology to build the world’s best electric vehicles. Tesla also wants to speed up the world’s transition to renewable energy.

Tesla stock has a 1-year return of over 400 percent. We believe TSLA stock will continue to rise and will soon hit the trillion-dollar market cap. Tesla is traded on both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100.

If you believe in the future of electric vehicles, renewable energy, and Tesla, it’s one of the best tech stocks to buy right now.


Apple is one of the most well-known technology companies on the planet. The Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iOS, and many other products are among its innovations. It is the first US tech firm to hit a trillion-dollar valuation which has now crossed the 2 trillion market cap.

Apple stock is traded on the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, and Dow Jones indices in the United States. Some of the greatest tech minds lead the organization. By 2024, it intends to launch its electric vehicle project.

The deep brand loyalty that Apple has cultivated over the years is what has kept the company afloat. Even though many of its items are expensive, Apple stores remain busy, and there is no lack of people willing to pay for the new edition.

Apple devotees haven’t needed much persuasion to keep purchasing the company’s goods. And during a recession, many consumers would be more than able to stretch their budgets to keep purchasing the new and greatest iPhone. And, given how pervasive cellphones have become in people’s daily lives, the gadgets have become even more of a necessity, making Apple’s goods more difficult to cut from the budget.

You can see the madness in India for Apple gadgets.


DocuSign is the leading eSignature and Agreement Cloud provider in the world. Customers can electronically sign agreements from any device and location at any time using DocuSign Agreement Cloud technology.

DocuSign is used by 18 of the world’s top pharmaceutical firms, 10 of the world’s top financial companies, and 7 of the world’s top technology companies. About 100 million people use the service globally, with 822,000 of them paying customers.

The number of paperless transactions is increasing. DocuSign is not yet profitable, despite significant increases in billings and sales, a growing customer base, and improved profitability and cash flow. The steady growth and income of its clients, on the other hand, make this a good investment for long-term stockholders.


Snowflake is a data portal, analytics, SaaS, and software business that operates in the cloud space. Snowflake set the record for the largest software company to go public in the United States last September. Its market capitalization almost doubled on its first day, hitting nearly $75 billion.

Because of its data cloud service, Snowflake is one of the top tech stocks to watch in 2021, with 65 companies paying more than $1 million. If Berkshire Hathaway, led by Warren Buffett, has a large stake in Snowflake, you should look into it as well, particularly if the stock falls below 200.


Netflix is the most popular online entertainment service in the world. In over 190 nations, it has over 195 million paying subscribers. If you’re one of them, you probably now know how easy it is to use the platform to watch TV shows, movies, and documentaries.

Reed Hastings, a Stanford computer science graduate, and Marc Randolph, a former employee of Hastings’ previous startup, Pure Atria, founded Netflix in 1997. With $2.5 million in cash from Randolph’s mother, 30 staff, and 925 DVDs available for rent at comparable rates to rival Blockbuster, the pair set out to found Netflix.

The business is still thriving today. Netflix has surpassed all other production firms in terms of the number of shows and movies nominated for awards shows.

We all know how big Netflix has become, but there’s still space for more as it reaches 200 million subscribers. It has a solid balance sheet, and earnings are expected to increase by 26% annually. This is unquestionably a long-term growth tech stock to buy right now.


PayPal is a financial technology firm that specializes in digital and mobile payments. It is sold in over 200 countries around the world. PayPal has a market capitalization of over 275 billion dollars and is one of the most valuable stocks on the NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500.

PayPal also added the ability to purchase, keep, and sell cryptocurrencies to its US customers. The number of cashless transactions and digital transformations is increasing. PayPal, in my opinion, is well placed as one of the future’s top online payment systems.

Since being separated from former parent eBay many years ago, PayPal’s target has become a financial services behemoth, not just a payments app. This ambitious target has taken years of hard work and billions of dollars of funding. Still, PayPal’s early success as a payments app has given it the potential to be a strong player not just in payments but also in a variety of additional services.

PayPal has been branching out into various payment processing methods, spreading its tentacles around the world of business and raking in money in the process. But, as we can see below, it has recently grown into marketing tools, such as its $4 billion purchase of Honey, and now into cryptocurrencies.

How do I invest in the US stocks while sitting in India?

As we told you earlier, you will have to either open up a trading account with a domestic broker that allows you to buy international stocks, or you have the option of going with a foreign broker.

Once you open the account and submit the relevant KYC documents, you are good to go. Process your payments via online remittance companies to transfer money from India to USA with the best USD to INR exchange rates and save as much money as possible on currency conversion.

Because of the better opportunities, the majority of Indian investors intend to invest in a foreign market. Global corporations, they believe, have adequate services, equipment, standards, and government cooperation.