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Tried and Tested Tips to Remove Stains from Carpet

All it takes is a coffee spill, bloodstain, or your pet decides to use the toilet right there, and your beloved beautiful carpet becomes tainted. Sadly, this is bound to happen one way or the other to your carpet, so long as humans live in your home. If not properly taken care of, many of these stains could end up ruining your carpet. The good news is, your rug doesn’t have to stay stained forever. Besides searching online for expert carpet cleaning services near me, there are tested and effective home improvements that can be used to remove different carpet stains types. Here are five popular carpet stains and the different techniques for removing each of them.

  1. Removing Coffee Stains from Your Carpet: When coffee spills on your carpet, it tends to leave a yellowish-brown stain discoloration after a short while. The stain is not pretty and sometimes resembles a forgotten pet’s urine. Here a few simple steps on getting rid of coffee carpet stains:
    • First, try to dry the spill by using a dry absorbent cloth to blot the stain. Be sure not to spread the spill and change towels if the spillage is too much.
    • Mix water, vinegar, and a mild non-bleach detergent and spray it on the spot. Rinse and repeat the method.
    • Purchase store carpet coffee stain cleaners and use them as instructed. Ensure you perform a patch test first with the chemical to ensure it’s safe for your carpet.
    • Polypropylene carpet stains can safely be removed with water and bleach treatment.
  1. Removing Pet Stains from Your Carpet: As adorable as pets can be, owning one means you have to be ready to clean up after it. These can be quite challenging, especially when your pet makes a mess on your carpet. Fortunately, getting rid of the odor and stain is possible with these strategies:
    • Start by cleaning up the mess made. Dispose of any solid waste and use an absorbent material to blot the liquid out. Do not rub or smear; keep blotting until the wet spot becomes dry.
    • If you found the stain late and it’s already dry, moisten it and then use a carpet stain cleaning agent specially made for pet stains.
    • Eliminating the odour often involves trying out different techniques such as mixing white vinegar (or white wine) with warm water and spraying on the affected area. Allow the solution to get absorbed in the carpet before blotting it out.
    • Mixing an anti-stain detergent with water and spraying it on the stain is also an effective method of getting rid of pet stains. Let the resolution soak into the carpet for a while before blotting and rinsing with warm water.
  1. Removing Ink Stains from Your Carpet: Ink stains are widely known to cause ruin to various fabrics and carpets alike. However, with the advent of technology, it is now possible to eliminate the ink stain problem. Here is how to do so:
    • Using isopropyl alcohol, wet a clean cloth and gently dab it on the ink stain. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the stain as that would only make it spread. Allow it to stop for a while, then remove the remaining moisture with a vacuum that accepts liquid.
    • If necessary, you can apply alcohol to the carpet stain to completely remove it. Common household items with high alcoholic content like hairsprays or nail polish removers can be used.
    • Before using any of these chemicals, ensure you perform a patch test with a small area of your carpet to ensure that the chemicals do not adversely affect your carpet.
    • Apply the chemical, rinse with water and then vacuum dry or blot out until completely dry.
  1. Removing Kool-Aid Stains from Carpets: One other common perpetrator of carpet stains is Kool-Aid, and removing it can be quite tedious. Fortunately, there are certain ways you can get rid of colored beverage stains from your carpet, even if it’s white. Here are a few steps on eliminating those tough stains:
    • Start by blotting the stain with a dry towel. Do not rub, as this can guide to other parts of the carpet getting stained.
    • Mix dishwashing soap, white vinegar, and water and spray on the spot generously. Allow it to dry for a few minutes, after which you blot the stain out until it’s dry.
    • There are also effective carpet stain cleaning products that you can use to get rid of the stain. If it’s a tough stain, use the vinegar method after applying the product.
    • Remember to first try out the chemical on the part of your carpet to be sure the chemicals won’t cause any harm.
  1. Removing Blood Stains from Your Carpet: When it comes to removing blood stains, time is of the essence. Like most other stains, the removal method is a lot more effective when you attend to it early. There are various methods to removing blood stains from your carpet; they include:
    • Removing blood stains on your carpet requires cold water and not warm water. This is because heat makes blood coagulated, while cold will stop the blood from entering the carpet fibers.
    • Add liquid dishwashing soap to cold water and fill a spray bottle with the solution. Spray the spot generously, and then use a dry cloth to blot it out. This way, the blood moves on to the cloth. Use cold water to rinse, and if necessary, repeat the procedure.
    • There are also specific carpet blood stain cleaning agents you can employ to get rid of the stain.
    • Bloodstains can be quite tough to remove, so persistence is required.


The majority of carpet cleaning methods involve using cleaning agents and chemicals that are already in your home. All you want to do is to follow the instructions and get it done. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, you could always use store carpet cleaning products. When you encounter tough stains, hiring professional carpet cleaner is the way to go.