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United Kingdom is approaching towards another revolution

For a long, science and technology derived from the UK have the record of generating gems that brought a revolution in almost every sector. Be it economy or be it industrial up-liftmen, in every field, technological progress left its mark. It has been observed in statistics that even in recent times, the technology of the UK is moving three times faster than the previous record.

With the advancement of technology, the economic growth of the UK goes up to €180 billion, which is undoubtedly increased from the previous year. London, which is the heart of the UK, has been identified as one of the essential parts of the country. The number of overseas tourists is also increasing day by day.

As an inevitable result of technological advancement, the youth of the UK are also becoming digitally savvy. This is why the term digital employment is becoming well-known today. This technological advancement is not bound to only London. The wave of the digital world has also spread throughout the whole country.

An integral part of our everyday life: 

In our childhood days, almost everyone wrote a widespread essay on science. Do you remember it? It was ‘Impact of science in our everyday life. From financial assistance to healthcare assistance, from automated cars to simulated sagacity, we live with technology from robotic delivery to surfing the internet.

But, it has also become a significant concern that we are giving to our own technological companies? Undoubtedly it is true that ordinary people wish to buy comparatively cheap and handy products rather than expensive and difficult ones. On that point, technical gadgets from Japanese and Chinese companies lead the market on a large scale.

Products from other country give birth competition: 

This massive sale of electronic gadgets manufactured by other countries creating a hindrance to earn more profit. Undoubtedly, the profit margin will be high when the seller can sell more British products than Japanese or Chinese products. To increase the sale of British gadgets, the Government should invest more capital in technological prosperity. It has been observed that many citizens who lost their job during a pandemic or unable to find employment for long they wish to start a business of their own.

Financial support will add another feather: 

Most of them wish to start the business of technical gadgets. But due to insufficiency of funds, they are unable to begin a new phase of their life. They do not have enough money to be kept as capital, and nobody is prepared to lend them any private loans for bad credit. We suggest Government should start new schemes which will cover the unprivileged part of society.

We should not forget that, until the light of success is not reflecting every corner of society, the theory of revolution will only be imagined. However, to support those people, banks and other financial organizations should walk with hands in hand. If these financial bodies agree to provide their loans even after not possessing a good credit score, our country will a step ahead towards a technical revolution.

Digital technology should speed up: 

Although the pace of digital technology is a little slower than other segments, with reasonable care, the situation of this particular section also can be improved. If you look at the ratio of people from different countries and our country contributing sweat for the technological sector, it will not be satisfied. The balance is 5:2. Whereas, if you look into the factor as per gender, then it will be impressive. Because the number of women working for the technological sector is increasing day by day.

Even the contribution of women is prize-winning. A recent report reflects that the growth of digital technology will speak for the UK and help advance technology. A group of experts is also working on the revolutionary project “Hub of Tech: UK.” This project will mainly focus on the complete technological upgrade of the UK and make the country greener.

The hypothesis of a group of people: 

A controversy often takes place over this technological advancement. Those people try to interpret that we are actually stepping back and stepping forth towards our end with the rise of technology. To support their logic, they explain that by upgrading the technology, we are ultimately ruining the green channels of our country.

The advancement of technology costs the wildlife and woods of our country. They have proved that there are more birds, more greenery, and fewer diseases before such an upgrade of tech. For instance, nowadays, people can easily access the internet from anywhere with the help4G even 5G mobile network services.

A study on this progression of network services proved that it is partially liable for the emersion of temperature. We all know what would be the result of this increment of temperature. Global warming can be the cause of the destruction of our mother earth. This is why scientists, who are researching this serious global issue, are against such technological advancement.

The hope of new a beginning: 

But it is also undeniable that with progressive technical advancement, the UK will be showing the new era to other countries. The Digital Supervisor of our country has told in one of his meetings that, to make our economy more powerful, digitalization is the most critical factor. The more digital a country becomes, the more people will be benefitted at once.

Nowadays, people like to stay inside the house and want the services at their doorstep. So, with digital enhancement, it will become more accessible for people to access every piece of data easily. Digital improvement is also airing up the lifestyle of ordinary people. Being a farmer, if you are unable to make out how to cultivate the crops properly, so that it will earn you profit, with the help of digital technology, he can quickly improve the pattern of cultivation.

Sometimes, it also happens that for the lack of funds, a farmer can’t buy advanced farming gadgets, which would have helped him to cultivate quickly and become less time-consuming to him. In that case, a farmer is unable to mitigate his financial crisis. With the digital advancement, a farmer can find out different lenders through the internet who will provide private loans, for bad credit will no longer be a hindrance then.