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Updated Working Rules For 485 Visa Post-Study Work Stream

There is good news for all Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 holders as the country has allowed offshore to apply for a second class. The statement also included the decision to encourage international students to study in the region on a student visa. Not only that, but they can also continue staying here and work.

Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants wishing to apply for the subclass 485 visa Australia extension must have completed graduation from an institute in the region. They should have also stayed here for at least two years immediately before applying for the visa. It is also available to current post-study 485 visa holders graduating and fulfill the same criteria as for the first one. The visa application has started on the 21st of January 2021.

It is a new initiative taken by the Australian government, allowing students to come to the country. With that, the country will boost prosperity and diversity and ease growing infrastructure pressures in different cities. No changes are there in the student visas, and the option is available to all holding it.

The amendments 

The second 485 Visa is valid for one year who has completed studying in the regional area. The condition applies to their family members also coming with them.

What Can You Do With Subclass 485 Visa Australia?

The aspirants wishing to apply for a 485 visa extension can enjoy many things, like:

  • Take up a higher course.

Students can take up a higher course and complete it during this time. It is an excellent opportunity as they do not have to wait for a long time to complete the visa process. They already have done all these, and it proves that aspirants are eligible for the course.

  • Look for a new job. 

If you want to work in the top reputed multinational companies, you can do so during this time. Make full use of the chance that you get as not everyone gets it. But before applying, it is of utmost importance to check the 485 visa requirements if there are any.

  • Bring your family 

The 485 visa allows you to bring your family members if any one of them were staying with you previously. They can come and stay with you for the time you are there. Generally, the 485 visa processing time takes around six to twelve months, but it is better to ask about the immigration agent.

  • Stay in the country. 

The 485 visa allows you to stay in the country till it expires. But, keep in mind that you cannot apply for an extension if your passport has already passed. That way, you have to ensure you are using it after checking every aspect. For any information, the immigration agent is always there for your assistance. They are well-aware of every requirement and help you get the visa. With that, you can go ahead and stay in Australia.

  • Travel outside the country 

The extended visa will allow you to travel outside the country as many times as you want. There is no restriction on that. But once the period gets over, you are not permitted to step inside again. So, keep this factor into consideration.

After knowing the benefits, if you are interested, look for a migration expert near you. Many are there, but it of the most significant importance that you hire the best. For that, you have to consider a few parameters, after which you can decide whom to hire.

  • Years of experience 

First of all, check the years of experience of the immigration agent. The more years of experience they have, the better position they will be in to help you. They have handled a lot of application forms previously and are aware of the latest update. At times, you may not keep access to some information leading to which your visa can get rejected when you apply. But when you hire them, you will not face any such problem.

  • Check their reviews

Reviews are given by customers who have availed of their services. Thus, if the reviews are not good, you should never hire such professionals. It is always recommended to opt for a highly rated company with maximum positive reviews.

Final thoughts 

To know more about the visa extension, you can go ahead and approach the migration expert. They are highly qualified and possess the correct information through which you can get the visa on time. Once you get it, you can travel back to Australia and enjoy staying here. With that, you can complete your higher studies or do a job in a reputed organization, and many more things. The 485 Visa can be applied when you are outside the country, and remember the time you are spending in Australia will never expend it.