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How to Get Verified on Spotify in 2022

It’s easy to get verified as an artist on Spotify. And luckily, every single artist on Spotify can get verified, and it’s really easy to do.

It also gives you a lot more chances than just a pretty blue check mark next to your name. When you claim your Spotify profile and get it verified, you can unlock some really helpful features that will help you market and promote your music on the platform. This is more than just showing fans and listeners that your profile is real.

Verified on Spotify

And it turns out that it’s very easy to do! So we’ve broken it down into a few easy steps for you.

How to Find the Most Played Artists on Spotify

This list shows the top Spotify artists based on how many times songs from their albums, singles, and compilations sections were played. They are called “lead streams” when they are all put together.

Only the lead songs are used to count the number of tracks and the number of milestones.

Streams of songs listed under “Appears on” on Spotify don’t affect the overall ranking or these milestones, but they are still shown in the “Featured streams” column.

Even though the list is complete at the top, there may be some artists missing as we go down.

If you think an artist should be on this list but isn’t, you can use our streaming search tool to find the related artist, and if he has enough streams, he will show up on this list right away.

In fact, as you look for numbers, they are always being changed. When a new day’s worth of data comes in for an artist, it will show up in the overall ranking.

Because the Spotify database is complicated, we can’t promise that there won’t be any data glitches, even though we’ve put in place several controls to make sure data is always correct. If a problem still happens despite these controls, it will be fixed by hand.

Verified on Spotify

Artists who were played the most on Spotify: Results

Drake is, as you might expect, the most streamed artist of all time, and Ed Sheeran is second. Bad Bunny is the best Latin act, and Ariana Grande is the best female singer.

South Korean heroes BTS is the group that people listen to the most. Queen is the best of the artists who have been around for a long time. Here’s the full list.

How do artists get Spotify’s stamp of approval?

Step 1: Activate your Spotify artist profile.

First, you’ll have to put your music on Spotify.

Once you’ve put it out there, you can claim your profile at artists.spotify.com.

When you get there, click the hamburger icon in the top right corner, as shown below.

Then, from the options menu, choose “Get Access.”

Verified on Spotify

Step 2: Confirm that your account is legitimate.

Next, you’ll need to enter your Spotify login information to confirm your account.

After that, Spotify will validate your identity to make sure it’s really you (just in case).

Step 3: Look for your artist’s page.

Once you’re sure it’s the right account, choose whether you want to claim it as an artist/manager or a member of the label team.

You can search for your artist profile or copy and paste a URL link to find it.

Step 4: Four: Answer a few personal questions.

Then, Spotify will ask you to fill in some information about your artist profile.

This will include:

First Name

-Last Name

-Business Email

-Role, i.e., artist, manager, etc.

-Company (if applicable)

Verified on Spotify

Step 5: Check that your profile was sent.

Last, you’ll need to connect to your Instagram or Twitter account or copy and paste a link to your official artist website to verify your submission.

Now, keep in mind that it can take Spotify a few days to confirm your verification submission. But you’ll know you’ve been verified when that little blue tick appears next to your artist name.

Here’s Spotify’s official video for the verification submission process if you want to see how it works!

Why should artists on Spotify get verified?

So why is it so important to be a verified Spotify artist?

So, get ready to be shook up.

Getting that little blue tick is more than just showing fans and listeners on the platform that you are real and trustworthy. With verification, you can add some cool things to your Spotify account. Those that let you define your brand, learn about your listeners, and use features that are made for artists.

As a Spotify-verified artist, you can:

Update your profile image

The perfect chance to show off those great press photos! This will not only make your profile look more professional and legit, but it will also help people who are looking for new music to get a sense of how your music sounds in general.

Send playlists to Spotify.

One of the best things about Spotify for artists is that you can suggest music for Spotify’s own playlists.

But keep in mind that you can only pitch music that hasn’t come out yet, and there’s a certain way to do it. Follow these links to learn more about pitching for editorial playlists and getting listed across Spotify.

Change your artist bio on Spotify

Add some background to your profile by talking about your musical influences, inspirations, personal thoughts, or anything else you think fans would like to know about your life.

You could also talk about recent gigs or performances, as well as any awards or nominations you’ve gotten, to show that you’re a real person.

See how streams are doing Spotify.

Verifying your account on Spotify also gives you access to and lets you see how your Spotify Artist profile is being used.

Find out how many people listen to your music each month, how many people follow you, and what your top 200 songs are.

Verified on Spotify

Listen to “Artist’s Pick” on Spotify.

Last but not least, you’ll be able to use “Artist’s Pick,” which is only available to people who have Spotify for Artists. This means that

-Pin a song, album, or playlist to the top of your Spotify profile—This is a good place to start.great way to promote your own music or tell your fans what you’re listening to right now.

-Share gig and tour dates. Who would have thought that you could get people to come to your next gig through your Spotify profile?

-Add your own pictures to Artist Pick’s features. Either show off your own artwork or choose pictures that you think show what your profile is about.

Verifying your profile is a very important step if you want to use Spotify to promote your music. When you get verified, both your fans and the people who put together playlists will trust you more right away.

But this is not all.

Spotify verification gives you access to a number of exclusive features that let you promote and interact with your content on the platform in new ways.

Verified on Spotify

Most streamed artists on Spotify

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