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What are electric scissors?

Electric scissors may cut cloth and other materials. Corded and cordless variants are available, with the latter being more practical for home sewers. Electric fabric shears save time during stitching.

Not every sewing project requires electric scissors. We’ll compare to ordinary cutting instruments like traditional scissors and rotary cutters.
Electric scissors make stitching simpler and quicker. Learn how to use them and which brands and models I suggest.

Sewing and crafting both need a lot of cutting. Cutting materials before use may be time-consuming.

What Are Electric Scissors?

Using regular scissors for all of this cutting may lead to aches, pains, and potentially arthritis and other disorders. Many times, cutting fabric and materials damaged my hands. Since I sew more than a quilt, I seldom use a rotary cutter.

So I bought electric scissors (also sometimes called electric shears). The maker claimed they would reduce hand strain when cutting cloth, plastic, leather, and cardboard.

Could these replace regular scissors? Would it help?

I bought a set to test them.

Electric scissors are hand-held instruments that can cut through various materials without physical blade movement.

They resemble an electric razor. The cutting blades and complete device are bent to better fit their function. Battery-powered and corded variants are available. Electric shears-cuttable materials

Electric scissors can cut “soft” materials including cloth, paper, and paperboard. Many versions promise to cut plastic, cardboard, and thin metal.

Electrical Scissors

Electric scissors come corded or cordless. Electric corded scissors must be plugged in. Cordless doesn’t have cables to get snagged on during cutting.

I like cordless scissors since I don’t have to plug them in.

Each set has two “heads”: one for cutting softer materials and one for harder ones. If you get a cordless model, you’ll get a charging station or cable.

Electric scissors cut like regular scissors. How they’re used differs.

Electric scissors cut automatically with motorized blades. Hold the device, switch it on, and point it in the desired cutting direction. Electric sewing scissors are lightweight and less than one pound, making them simple to use and transport. My hands are little yet simple to grip.

When their motor is running, electric scissors are incredibly noisy.

Why Electric Scissors?

This tool isn’t meant for accurate cutting. It’s supposed to boost productivity when you have a lot of cloth to cut or wish to cut heavyweight textiles like wool, vinyl, or canvas.

Electric sewing scissors are very helpful for persons with arthritis or other muscle and joint disorders.

Electric fabric scissors’ benefits include:

  • Cut fatigue from hands and wrists
  • Reducing scissor pain
  • Sharper edges
  • Increased productivity by cutting faster
  • Cutting mat unnecessary


The cutting strength of electric scissors derives from pressure, and no sharp points.

Even with a protective cover, electric fabric scissors may be deadly for kids. If you have children, get scissors with a safety lock to prevent accidents.

Electric Scissors: Where to Buy?

Once you decide to buy electric fabric scissors, conduct your homework to discover strong, portable scissors within your budget.

Electric scissors are available at local sewing shops and big-box retailers.

Many companies offer electric scissors, but I don’t suggest them all. I’ve researched and compiled my suggestions to save you time.

Consider pricing, design, weight, vibration level, and loudness when choosing electric scissors.

Lumbuly has some great electric scissors.