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What Is The Legal Procedure If Someone Spreads Rumors About My Character?


Spreading unwanted and false rumors about individuals within a workplace is inadvisable. If you do so, people or your co-workers will stop trusting and liking you. But on certain occasions, spreading a rumor can get you sued big time. Under the civil law category, you will come across four characteristics of the negative statements.

If all four of them are present within the statement, it will lead to a defamation of character. Defamation stands out as a false disclosure, which can instantly damage your reputation and character. If someone is spreading malicious rumors about you, you can take up the services of Civil defamation lawyers to help you.

Filing defamation of character: Things to know

Spreading misinformation about an individual’s character can affect that person greatly. If someone is spreading false knowledge about your character, you can successfully sue that individual for defamation. But your claim needs to meet several criteria. One of the main criteria you demand to fulfill is that you need to make sure that the information or rumor spread against you is defamatory or lowers your reputation. Even though you will meet all the criteria, there are several defenses to defamation, which you need to consider.

The most obvious happens to be whether the online review of your business or the information about you is true or not. If it’s true, the information will not be considered defamatory. When a defense is raised, the burden of evidence will be on the shoulders of the individual who made the defamatory comments. To know about filing defamation, you can take up the services of the Defamation Lawyers as they are the best people to turn to on such matters.

Who can file the defamation of character?

Corporations with ten employees, individuals, not-for-profit companies are eligible to use or file defamation. Individuals who wish to sue for defamation will have only 12-months rights from the date of the publication of the defamatory information or comments. Once you sue for defamation within the given time, you will gain the opportunity to claim the person to publish the material. Also, communications published within the online platform will be considered republish when it is downloaded several times.

How to establish a defamation claim?

When it comes to creating a defamation claim, you must contact a trusted and professional lawyer for it. But apart from that, there are several factual and legal elements, which you have to prove if you want your defamation case to be a successful one. Look below!


  1. The information was published to a third person:

When you have decided to make a defamation claim, you need to make sure that information was viewed or published in a third person. When you had a personal argument with no presence on the scene and exchanged defamatory messages only with each other, you are not viewed to be defamatory.

But if another individual or a third party review and reads the information, it will damage your reputation and character. When many people start to read or review the information, it will damage your reputation greatly. All these factors will be considered through the court when you’re the amount of compensation you will receive gets assessed.


  1. Identifies the business or the individual:

Before you file defamation, you need to check that the defamatory comments or information provided is solely about your business or you. When defamatory comments mention your business and you, it will not be much of a problem when it comes to making a defamatory claim. But several instances help to identify if a business or an individual is not explicit in someone’s comments/comment. Only a third person reviewing or reading the information will help determine whether the comments are about you or your business. The law takes the help of a reasonable viewer, listener, and reader to determine whether the information is defamatory.

Things you need to prove as a defamation claimant

When you have fallen prey to defamation statements, you will feel pretty much broken from the inside. But to prove the statement as false, you need to provide evidence for it. Given below are some of the things you have to prove to penalize your offender.

  • Statement: Proving that the statement made against is completely false is something you must consider first. But, if the statement stands out to be true, then your defense will get rejected immediately. It’s because truth stands out as one of the biggest trump cards when defaming a person without hesitation.
  • The culprit: You need to gather enough evidence that will help you prove the culprit or the individual who made defamatory statements against you. You must prove that the person has defamed you disrespectfully or intentionally without even judging the statement’s actual nature. 

How will the defamation lawyers help you?

Defamation against someone can ruin the person’s life or business. So, go up against your offender is something that you cannot do alone. This is where the trusted and professional defamation lawyers Perth will come to your rescue. They are well-versed in defamation law and will provide you with top-notch and world-class legal assistance that you need.

It’s guaranteed that they will yield out the best results in your case. The defamation lawyers will give you a bit of insight into the law and take care of all the paperwork with no hassle. They are pretty adaptable enough to tackle any defamation case and make sure you are on the right path. They will fight for you with solid proof and determination, enable you to receive positive results.

Last words

Spreading false rumors and information about an individual is not a good thing. When you have decided to sue an individual for defamation, make sure to convince or request that person to put down the material that speaks ill of your reputation and character. If this technique doesn’t work, you can get in touch with a trusted and reliable attorney and take legal action.