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What Quinoa is Best?

What Quinoa is Best: White Quinoa is my favourite because of its texture. It’s the most adaptable and lightest, in my opinion. I use white Quinoa in place of rice, in grain salads, and baked goods. White Quinoa also has the mildest flavour!

Quinoa Types

Given its nutritional and health benefits, let’s discuss Quinoa itself. Quinoa comes in various forms. I chose 7, but there may be more! On my list, four are whole seeds, and three are seed manipulations (if that makes sense).

Today’s Quinoa includes:

  1. White Quinoa
  2. Red Quinoa 
  3. Quinoa Crisps
  4. Black Quinoa
  5. Quinoa Flakes
  6. Rainbow Quinoa
  7. Quinoa Flour

1: White Quinoa

Quinoa is usually white. Tan quinoa is also known as ivory, golden or blonde. Also, white Quinoa has the mildest flavour texture and cooks up the fluffiest.

2: Red Quinoa

Red Quinoa is the most common. In most cases, you can use Red Quinoa like white Quinoa, but not in sweet recipes. Not for baking, but for salads, grain bowls, and rice alternatives. Quinoa is reddish in colour and has a nuttier flavour than white Quinoa. But tasty!

3: Black Quinoa

I’m seeing more and more black Quinoa (Whole Foods has it in their bulk aisle!). Black Quinoa is similar to red Quinoa. It’s crunchy, nutty, and can be utilised like red Quinoa.

4: Rainbow Quinoa

The last type is tri-colour Quinoa. It needed its section because it is sold globally. So, Rainbow quinoa combines the three hues. It is white, crimson, and black. Like red and black Quinoa, tricolour quinoa is crisp and works nicely in porridge.

5: Quinoa Flour

Now we’re getting into broken Quinoa. The next three use Quinoa in varied shapes. Quinoa flour! It’s my favourite gluten-free flour. I adore its flavour, texture, and structure. Very easy to use, adjustable and excellent! Powdered white Quinoa is quinoa flour!

6: Quinoa Flakes

You’ll adore quinoa flakes if you like oatmeal. They’re made the same manner as Quinoa but with oatmeal. Quinoa flakes are available in most natural grocers’ baking or cereal aisles. QF is great in baking and as a quick morning cereal. They’re easy to make, packed with protein, and nearly like cream of wheat!

7: Crispy Quinoa

Our last Quinoa is quinoa crisps or quinoa puffs! They’re like quinoa rice crispies. Also, it’s the whole quinoa seed inflated into tiny crispy balls. They’re scrumptious. I use them in granola, cereal, mac and cheese toppings, and even as a crunchy coating. If you don’t want to buy them, you can make them yourself.

Which Quinoa Do You Prefer and Why?

I’d love to know your favourite Quinoa! Leave a comment below, letting us know which Quinoa you like and how you prepare it!

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