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Who makes Samsung TVs? Everything you need to know

One of the leading TV manufacturers in the world is Samsung. In point of fact, there is a good chance that you already own one of their televisions or are thinking about getting one in the near future.

But are you familiar with the company that produces Samsung televisions?

Many TV brands have moved production of their products to original equipment manufacturers over the years.

This is because of a number of things, such as the fact that production costs have gone down and output has gone up because customers are buying more.

Does Samsung manufacture its own TVs, or does it contract out production to other companies?

Who makes Samsung TV

Who owns the Samsung TV brand

Samsung Electronics, a multinational conglomerate that specialises in electronic goods, is the owner of the Samsung TV brand. In 1969, the business was initially established under the name Samsung Group.

It began as a trading company that specialised in sweeteners and fertilisers when it first opened its doors. But over the course of the year, it grew into a multinational company and changed its focus to making electronic goods.

Is Samsung a Chinese company

The multinational corporation specialising in electronic goods has many interests all over the world, including in China. Nevertheless, it is not a business based in China.

It all started in South Korea, and that is still the location of the company’s headquarters to this day. As a result, Samsung is an organisation based in South Korea.

Who makes Samsung TVs

Are you curious about the manufacturer of Samsung televisions? It is Samsung itself.

The TVs for this brand are designed at the Research and Design campus in South Korea, where the company is headquartered.

The production of Samsung Electronics’ various display products as well as other display solutions falls under the purview of Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. It makes Samsung TV panels.

Despite the fact that all of Samsung Display’s panels are produced in Korea, the company is not the only one that makes TV panels for Samsung. Instead, the company runs a number of manufacturing plants in different places around the world.

Logo for Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Electronics owns and manages all of these manufacturing facilities.

On the other hand, Samsung Electronics does sometimes hire equipment makers from all over the world to make some of its products.

In the past, the multinational company made some of its TV panels with the help of Chinese companies like China Star, Au Optronics, and Innolux.

Samsung also gives Hansol Technics, a company that used to be a part of the multinational electronics company Samsung, the job of making its televisions.

Where are Samsung TVs made

Samsung maintains its position as the world’s leading TV brand, with a global market share of more than 30%.As a direct result of this, the company has been setting up new factories in different parts of the world to increase production.

The following is a list of some of the countries around the world that host manufacturing plants for Samsung TVs:

South Korea

The manufacturing of Samsung’s first television took place in the South Korean headquarters of the company.

Samsung Electronics has been making TVs in the country for many years.

But in 2018, they stopped making a lot of them and started retooling the country to make prototypes and test them.


The majority of the televisions that are sold in South American countries are produced at a manufacturing plant that Samsung operates in Brazil.

The construction of the plant began in 1995, and it has been running continuously since then. In 2019, however, it was severely impacted by COVID-19, which resulted in a temporary shutdown of operations.


China is home to the production of a sizeable portion of Samsung’s television sets.

The majority of the products that are sold in the Chinese market are created at a manufacturing plant that is owned by the company and located in the city of Tianjin.


Mexico is home to one of Samsung’s manufacturing plants, which handles production for markets across the Americas, including the United States.

The plant, which is widely regarded as being among the very best in the world, is located in Tijuana.

In addition, the city is home to a number of other manufacturing plants, many of which are owned by television manufacturers such as Vizio, TCL, TPV, and others.

Other than these locations, Samsung Electronics has television production facilities in the following places:

  • Vietnam
  • Romania
  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • Russia
  • India
  • Hungary
  • Malaysia
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Pakistan

Are Samsung TVs made in the USA

Sadly, the answer is no. There is no Samsung television that is made in the United States. Here is an exhaustive list of brands of televisions that are manufactured in the United States, in case you were interested.

Is Samsung TV a reliable brand

Most customers think that Samsung is one of the most reputable and successful companies that makes TVs in the world.

Their television sets are well-known for having distinctive looks and excellent displays that produce images of higher quality and greater brightness.

But how do the TVs made by Samsung stack up against those made by their rivals? Are they an improvement, or do they fall short of expectations?

Who makes Samsung TVs

Samsung Smart TV Image Credit: Samsung Care

The following is a brief comparison with some of our leading rivals.

Are Samsung TVs better than Sony

One of Samsung’s primary adversaries is the electronics giant Sony. As a result, there is not a significant difference between their TVs because both companies offer TV models that are of high quality and can be relied upon.

However, Samsung is ahead of Sony in two of the most important categories.

The first difference is in how the screens are made. Sony uses OLED, but Samsung uses QLED, which makes a brighter image.

Second, instead of using Sony’s Android OS for their Smart TVs, Samsung uses Tizen OS, which is a platform that is both quicker and simpler to navigate.

Are Samsung TVs better than LG

LG is another leading company that competes with Samsung. When looking at the two companies side by side, you will notice that both of them are virtually tied for first place when it comes to the quality of the products that they sell.

Even so, Samsung still has the most products on the market and has a slight edge in a few key areas.

To begin with, Samsung has a better reputation in the market than LG does, and the South Korean company’s products are also more widely used.

The company also likes to use the more advanced QLED display, while LG likes to use OLED displays.

But when it comes to their Smart TV platforms, the brands are almost on the same level. For example, LG’s Web OS platform is just as impressive as Samsung’s Tizen OS.

Are you considering buying a Samsung TV

You are now in a better position to know who makes Samsung TVs and how they compare to other major brands found all over the world thanks to the information that was just presented to you.

If you are interested in purchasing a Samsung television, this information should be helpful to you as well.

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