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WordPress vs Blogger

Are you planning to start a new blog? And, thinking whether you should choose Blogger or WordPress to create a blog platform. Blogger and WordPress are the blogging platforms on the web. They both will help you to create a blog easily. But both of them have a huge difference. WordPress and Blogger both include pros and cons.

In this article and from WordPress Development Services, you will know about the difference between both sides by the side. I main point to assist you in choosing the best one according to your requirement.

Things to Look for in Blog Platform

Before we start with comparison, let’s check out the essential things that one should look for while selecting the blog platform.

  • Flexibility: You require a platform where you can get the elements that will help to grow your blog. There should be special features or resources to improve your blog performance.
  • Support: Support is a must while you create, design, or manage the blog. You must check whether you will get the support required or not.
  • Ease to Use: You require easy to use and simple platform that will help to start the blog, and include content that will help to attract more audience.
  • Monetization Options: You can also make money through your blog. So, select the platform that will provide you many options for monetization.

Along with this, you should go for cost comparison, search engine optimization options, and design options.

WordPress v/s Blogger – Overview

WordPress and Blogger are the most used blog management platform. According to the stats of BuiltWith, WordPress is considered to be No one blog software that is used by almost 35% of blogs.

According to the same report, Blogger is the second most used platform that is used by 1% of the blogs.

What is WordPress?

It is a free and open-source platform that provides you access to create a blog, website, and online store. WordPress was started in 2003, and now it powers almost 30% of the sites over the internet.

You can download easily the software for free and use it to create unlimited sites as you want. If you want to create a blog on WordPress, then you need to purchase a domain name and hosting plan so that you can install the WordPress. You might be thinking that it is a bit intimidating process, but there are tons of tutorials available through which you can know how to use WordPress.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free platform that is provided by Google. It was found in 1999 by Pyra Labs; Google then purchased it in 2003. Google was redesigned as a product it is now. It is the free blog hosting service that will help to create a blog. You can also buy the BlogSpot subdomain that is free to use for your new blog.

Along with that, you can also connect your blog with a custom domain name. To register your domain name, you will need third party domain registrars.

Ease of Use – WordPress, and Blogger

Most of the people who want to create the blog are not web developers. They are the storytellers, passionate writer, and are a non-techy business owner. With the easy to use and simple blogging platform will help to present the stories.

You can also select the WordPress blog theme according to your need. A topic will let you improve the appearance of the blog. After doing this, you can install the WordPress plug-in that will help to enhance the features of your WordPress blog.

You can easily add images, create text content and videos to your WordPress page, and post with the help of a simple blog editor.

Ease of Use – Blogger

Blogger is a blogging platform that will help you to create the blog. You just require a Google account to start it. You should go to the Blogger website and sign up through your Google account. After this, go on “Create a New Blog” option through which all the process will start. After this, select the blog address, a blog title, and a theme.

This is it, and the set up will be completed. Next, you have to configure the blog setting, add posts, and edit your blog layout.

The setup process is straightforward. You cannot change the design without having some HTML skills.

WordPress v/s Blogger – Ownership

Ownership is another essential aspect that one should consider while selecting the blog site. If you have full property of your blog, then you have access to do anything that includes monetizing it, handling the blog, and when to shut the blog.

Who Own Blog on Blogger?

Blogger provides the blogging service by the tech giant Google. It is reliable and free of cost. It includes enough features that will help to publish the content on the internet. However, you don’t own it. Google runs the service and can also shut it down anytime. A point to note is Google has a history where they can abandon the project without prior intimation.

Who Own Blog on WordPress?

If you use WordPress, then you shall use WordPress hosting provider who will host your website. You are the one who would decide how long you want to run and shut down your site. Your data will be yours and have proper control where it is your wish with whom you want to share the information.

Flexibility and Control – WordPress v/s Blogger

Another very important aspect that you have to look for is the control and flexibility. You should whether your website provides you proper control for functionalities and designing your blog.

Flexibility and Control – Blogger

Blogger is the service that comprises of minimum tools that allow you to fulfill specific tasks for your site. You can do limited things with your Blogger website, and you don’t have to extend it.

There is a set of in-built gadgets that will help to add the features like contact form, subscription links, and ads. But, you have limited access over the functionalities, and you don’t even have another alternative.

Flexibility and Control – WordPress

It is open-source software where you can extend your limit to try out new features. You can add the functions with the help of third party integrations and plug-ins.

There are many premium and free Plug-ins available that will allow you to extend and modify the features. If you know about the coding, then you can also create custom plug-ins for your blog.

Security – WordPress v/s Blogger

Security is the feature that you should consider. Search for the security platform as your time and investment can be waste if you don’t find the right platform for your blog.

Managing Security in WordPress

WordPress is secure, but as it is a self-hosted solution, you have to take care of backups and security. There are many plug-ins available that will make that easy for you.

Managing Security in Blogger

If you use a blogger, then you have the benefits as it includes Google’s robust and secured platform. There is no problem in managing the server’s resources, creating backups, and securing your blog.

Support – WordPress v/s Blogger

Support is a critical aspect while selecting the blog platform. You need to ensure that there is a reliable support system according to your requirement.

Support in Blogger

You will get limited support in Blogger. They include a user form and necessary documentation. Your choice is limited. There is a help option in the admin panel to check out the tutorial to get the support.

Support in WordPress

WordPress provides an active support system. There are question-answer forums for your plug-in and themes. If having access to the WordPress paid products, then you can even get more dedicated assistance from the product company.

Along with it, you can find community forums, online documentation, and IRC chatrooms through which you can find assistance from experienced WordPress developers and users.

Which one is better?

Blogger and WordPress are the platforms that are used widely. But, you can have to select one, so it comes down to the purpose of your blog.

If your motive is to share your stories and create a personal blog, then you can go for the Blogger. But, if your goal is to create a professional blog that will help you to earn than select the scalable and robust platform i.e., how to choose WordPress.

Through the WordPress platform, you can create a shop where you can add plenty of marketing tools and form a membership website to earn money for your living.

With the comparison of Blogger and WordPress, I hope you understand the pros and cons of both the platforms that will help you to make the right decision for your blog. This guide includes all the elements to select the right platform. Go through the blog and make the right decision.